Jumway Indonesia's End of Year Employee gathering

Release time:2020-01-01

Our employee gathering this time was themed "Kaleidoscope 2019". Simple dinner was served and by the time it had ended, colleagues were already hanging loose, singing and dancing the night away with fervour and camaraderie.


But "Kaleidoscope 2019"  meant to send a serious message as well. Human Resources Department head Ibu Partini begin the gathering by showing us a motivational video clip of how a rugby coach hammered into the players' psyche the importance of having the right mentality in achieving success.

She likened the clip to the situation in Jumway Indonesia right now whereby more than ever, we need to continue to plough forward together as a team and not be content with status quo, because we are nowhere near the finish line! In fact, we are just getting started!

There was also a message of unity so that colleagues will try to rein in their individual egos to ensure harmonious working environment and effective communication.


The solemn messages were delivered well.  But it was also clear that many are ready for the more fun part of the day to begin, where even the usually stoic Mr Zhang and Mr Xu also ended up singing a tune or two. And since entertainment is one of the objectives, why ever not?

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